Leader in vitamin analyses

The Swiss Vitamin Institute maintains a key international position in the analysis of vitamins in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biological samples for medical diagnostics of vitamins. Its certification service combined with the use of the SVI seal represents added value that helps its customers to grow their business.

Analytical services

The core expertise of the Swiss Vitamin Institute lies in the analysis of vitamins in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biological samples for medical diagnostics with state-of-the-art technology in an accredited facility based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Products certification

The Swiss Vitamin Institute’s seal of approval program is a quality control service offered to companies to certify either the vitamin content or stability of specific products (food, vitamin supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics).

R&D partnership

The Swiss Vitamin Institute teams up with research centers and companies to develop innovative analytical methods. it also participates in public health projects to understand the impact of diets, aging and diseases on vitamin status.



The Swiss Vitamin Institute has established worldwide collaborations ranging from research and clinical projects to commercial products in all vitamin related fields. The Institute is flexible and adapts to its partners’ specificities to deliver customised R&D and commercial solutions. The SVI works together with its partners to create value and to bring improved health, nutrition and healthcare outcomes to people. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the Swiss Vitamin Institute’s partners.

Vitamins, nutrition & health

13 vitamins

They are present in food and some are produced within the body : vitamin D for instance is produced upon sun exposure and vitamin K is produced by probiotic gut bacteria.


Vitamins are essential in small quantities to the nutrition and health of most animals and humans.

Healthy life

Varied nutrition is required to cover vitamin needs. Aging and pathological conditions may cause vitamin deficiency.

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Vitamins & health