R&D projects in vitamins related fields
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Research & Development

Investing in R&D

By taking advantage of its extensive expertise in vitamin analyses the SVI develops 2 main lines of R&D activities: first, a technical development of new methods for the analysis of vitamins and other physiologically important molecules (e.g. fatty acids, omega 3 and 6) to meet future customers’ requirements and rapid vitamins diagnostics; second, Public Health with overarching objectives such to establish updated vitamin reference values to reflect the vitamin status in the modern society, to understand the impact of different diets (omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan) on vitamin status, to understand the impact of aging and pathological conditions on vitamin status, or to establish the characterisation of human milk vitamin content.

Partnering interest

  • Co-development of rapid vitamin diagnostic tests (bedside)

  • Certification of rapid vitamin diagnostic tests

  • Certification of novel vitamin analytical methods

Partnering interest
Vitamin supplements

  • Co-development of novel vitamin formulation for specific human conditions (e.g. kidney diseases, bariatric surgery and else)

  • Co-development of novel vitamin formulation for veterinary use

Partnering interest
Research projects

  • Nutrition and vitamin status

  • Vitamin status in the modern society: age groups, chronic diseases (diabetes, infection and else), brain and neurodegeneration

  • Vitamin transport